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Walmart WFS Automation

Our Walmart Business Model is Data-Driven, Sustainable and Fully Managed by Us, For You.

With under 100,000 Marketplace sellers and a 14 billion dollar e-commerce initiative by Walmart HQ, it is a ripe opportunity for establishing a profitable business using their WFS ( Walmart Fulfillment Services) program with Ascend Wholesale/ OA product strategy.

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Our Walmart Business Model is Data-Driven, Lucrative, and Done for You.

Digital Real Estate

A Walmart WFS Business is an appreciating digital asset that only has 200K sellers at the moment.

Fully Automated

Custom product research, logistics, and operations team that runs the business for you, so you don’t have to work.

Passive Income

A whole new source of passive income, and an opportunity to diversify your investments.

Wholesale/Online Arbitrage

A fully sustainable business model from day 1, so you don’t have to be concerned about TOS risks.

Our Walmart Automation Services

We will take the driver’s seat in building, launching, operating and scaling you a revenue driving Walmart store.

We handle the following:

Our Enhanced Walmart Strategy Is Safe, Effective And Sustainable

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